Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally a post! We are alive!

Well, after 6 months in the new house we finally have Internet, and I finally have the mindset to post again.  With new paint, new furniture (and more to come), and a new baby on the way, things have been a little fruity in the Mincy house to say the least. 

When I find the cord that links the camera to the computer, I will post picture of the home changes.  Who knows where it is!  We sure don't!

We found out we were having another baby on Daniel's first birthday in June.  I had my suspicions for about a week as I backed into a tree and the mailbox.  We had been trying (not trying again, as some people have asked, as Daniel was not only a surprise, but a shock) since after Christmas.  We both want a big family and neither of us really want to be chasing a toddler at 40 (which will come much faster for James Andrew than I, haha!), so about 16 months or so between seems reasonable.  Though, some days I wonder, as Daniel is a very active little-big guy. 

What happened to my little guy?  Did he have to grow?
 More to come soon.  Surely our camera cord will walk into the house with all it's other friends we lost or misplaced during moving!