Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love this woman's products.

I bought her foodmill, food smasher, and steamer at Babies R Us a few months ago when I still had these vivid dream of making my own baby food. 

Yeah.  That happened.

But, I do taste everything that goes into Dan's mouth.  If I don't like it, or it makes me gag, it's in the trash.  I made 2 roasts for lunch today, roast beef and chicken, and I decided to break out these products so that he could eat what we did.  Easy Peesey Lemon Squeezey to get everything smashed up.  Nice consistency, and no big scary chunks hiding out in the mix.  And everything is easy to clean and dishwasher safe anyways, yea for busy mom (me).

I've found that Dan is not big on things with a strong flavor, so we did have to mix the chicken and veg with rice cereal.  He loved it, and I like that he's eating what he do, with no preservatives or weird stuff in there.  I may keep at this.  I'm not making my own purees, and I doubt I'll go all Jessica Seinfield in the house, but I can do this.

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