Monday, March 21, 2011

Plum . . . rocks!

I SOOOO love these products.  I'd tried the baby food when I first started Dan on solids and was impressed.  I am even more impressed now because of this concept.

One of the hardest things about feeding Daniel is that he wants to investigate anything and everything on his highchair tray.  And it all goes in his mouth.  Or all over his hands.  Or in his hair.  Or on me for that matter.  There are spoons that you can load baby food into to make it more hands free and simple, but that's too hard.  I am about simple cleaning, simple putting together as sometimes I am so brain dead when I come home from work that I am doing good mixing his formula.

As Daniel is eating fruits again, he ate Pumpkin Banana tonight.  It was tart, you could taste the ascorbic acid the company used to preserve the color in the banana, but not bad.  Broccoli and Apple is another new favorite.  They have training meals too (like a stage 3 food in Gerber), and the Red Lentil is his favorite.  We are still avoiding beef and pork because of my husbands allergies, so a new protein source is good.  And the little dude LOVES lentils.  I love my little guy!

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