Monday, January 24, 2011

New Favorite Baby Food, and it is a vegetable

Daniel likes Gerber Stage 2 Spring Vegetables with Brown Rice.  THANK GOD!!!!  It smells strongly of broccoli, but this little dude will eat every last bit of it up.  He is actually going through a stage where he doesn't like fruit.  I found him some Apples and Cherries a few weeks ago thinking "He he, my daddy's favorite fruit, and my son will like it too!".  Not so much.  The joke on me, literally.  Dan spit it out, all over Mommy.

He is SO freaking cute I can't stand it.

Those are his spider man Baby Legwarmers that his Aunt Laura got him for Christmas.  This was taken right before yesterday's "I'm still hungry, but not for Mixed Fruit" experience.  Mixed fruit on baby, mixed fruit on mommy.  Ha ha ha!  At least his Daddy thought it was funny when he got back from church.

I really love being his mommy.  When he was born, I was so taken with him that I was breathless by the sight of him and couldn't stand that I couldn't hold him very long.  He had some funky labs and had to go right to the NICU after some skin to skin time with me.  I'd had a c-section and couldn't leave my room for 12 hours.  Now I can't stand being away from him for too long.  Can you blame me?

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