Friday, December 3, 2010

My Son, the Fruit Eater of Arkansas

I love feeding Daniel dinner.  He is a lot like me - not so big on the vegetables, but loves the fruit.  My new favorite baby food (so is his) is the Stage 2 Gerber Apple Vanilla and Mixed Grains.  He's a little young for foods for sitters (as he can't sit on his own yet) but he spits the thin purees out as soon as you get them in.  He actually eats the thicker foods and seems to enjoy them.  I thought I was going to lose a finger while he was eating the aforementioned apple mix.

It amazes me when I realize how smart he is.  He knew that the apple was in the clear dish.  I had some oatmeal in a white dish that he snubbed his nose to, but when that apple dish came near him he opened that big mouth wide.  Smart mommy mixed some of the oatmeal in with the apple - Daniel couldn't tell the difference, thank goodness.

I hope he gets to liking his vegetables.  I worry he may end up like me, but I ended up not liking veggies because no one cooks them like my Granny.  Bacon grease was a staple in her lovely creations.  It sure does make everything go down easier!

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