Monday, December 20, 2010

Teething. Anti Love.

Daniel cut his first tooth on Saturday.  I was feeding him his morning bottle when I noticed it.  I screamed so loud with joy that I scared little man!  He has a beautiful pearly white tooth on the front bottom right.
Then . . . pain for little man.  He was hurting yesterday.  That's the bad part of this thing.  So awesome for him to be a big man, but it hurts!
I guess that's life, though.  The things that have helped me grow, and maybe have marked points where I've grown up have hurt.  God doesn't promise us a happy life, or a pain free life.  He does promise that He will put us through fire to remove the things that He does not like from us.  It's a hard thing to remember.  It's a hard thing to live.

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