Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Therefore I decided to Blog

Blogging isn't really a totally new concept for me.  Way back (haha) in college I had a page on the oldie but goodie "Live Journal" site.  Boy did that get me in trouble, especially when I decided to post more than I should have.  Oh the travails of the very young and very naive. 

Now, I'm about 10 years older, though maybe none the wiser.  I might have more to say, or maybe some more interesting things to say . . . sometimes.

Now I'm almost 30, married, with an almost 6 month old child.  My father, who I adored more than any daughter could, passed away less than a week after my (and his) baby love was born.  And the grief . . . how sweet the sting.

My baby love, my dearest hubby, the art of cooking, the Lord my God, and the occasional good movie are the things that keep me adrift in this world, and I guess those are the things I have to talk about.  They are my other drugs.  I'm sure my Dad will pop in every now and again, but I'm hoping to keep the happy and eternally funny memories of him alive by sharing them with others . . . I mean, really, how many men can make you laugh only with their eyes!  He could!  My Charlie Chaplin daddy!

Now it's 10:00 at night, I've typed very little, and I have about enough energy to go to bed.  Or sleep in the recliner.  Since I'm in the recliner, I think I'll just go to sleep.

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